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Immortalize one of your favorite moments with a unique piece of art and hang it on the wall. Our illustrators create a digital sketch of your favorite photo and we deliver directly to your home. You will not find a more personal birth poster than this!

You choose the desired style, background color and share a picture and date of birth and we will do the rest. Add a frame for complete delivery. 

A beautiful birth poster to hang in the children's room and perfect gift for parents of small children in the circle of friends.

Personlig födelsposter.jpg
Personlig födelsposter_ref_bild.jpg

Choose your style

Model 1 - Realistic sketch
Model 2 - Rough sketch
Model 3 - Carbon sketch

When you order, you can specify which style you want on your personal birth poster,
choose between realistic sketch, rough sketch or carbon sketch. You can also choose a beige, blue, pink or brown background color. In our order form, you simply upload your image and fill in the information we request. It couldn't be easier to order a completely unique personal birth record!

How does it happen?

1. Click on "Order a birth poster"

2. Select the size of the poster

3. Fill in the desired sketch style and background color
4. Enter name and date of birth

5. Add the image you want us to depict

6. Go to the checkout and place your order

7. We review your order and get back to you if we need clarifying information

8. Our illustrators start creating your personal birth poster

9. Within 7 days (max. 14 days) you will have a finished draft in your email for review

10. Revision can be done once within 48 hours after delivery of the draft

11. Revision is done by our illustrator

12. You may approve the final entry or use ours100% satisfied customer guarantee

13. We send your poster to your home!



What is included in the price?

O Unique design incl. a revision
O Posters up to 50x70cm

O Shipping


Delivery time approx. 14 days. For full terms and conditions,read more here.

100% Satisfied customer guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the poster our illustrators have prepared for you, we offer you 100% refund. If you approve the final entry (Step 9 above) and the entry goes to print, the right to  endsuse this warranty.

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