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Your security - our responsibility

With us you are safe, we at Sagoro think of you. Regardless of whether you just visit us to get inspired or when you buy a beautiful poster for your child, you should be completely safe. None of the data we collect is misused or disseminated to anyone who does not need it.

​Below you can läsa about our entire work with cookies, terms of purchase, privacy policy and contact details.


Cookies on our pages

You have the option to accept or not accept cookies when you enter our website.

SThe purpose of our "cookies" is to create a better user experience for you. We do this by getting an idea of where you came from, how long you stay and when you leave us. This is part of our development work, we want everyone to enjoy themselves and stay for a long time. If you find something you like and leave the item in the shopping cart, we will remind you that it is there, because we know that sometimes you don't have time to finish the purchase before the children need your full attention.


Read more about exactly which cookies we have and what each cookie does below.


Terms of purchase

Glad you found something you want to buy from us! It is good that you are careful and look over what applies now when you are about to order. The short version is as follows: Be over 18 years old, accept our terms and conditions and get your item delivered to your mailbox quickly and easily.

And here are all the conditions linked to your purchase. Contact us if you have questions, we respond quickly and are also really nice.


1.1 These general terms and conditions ("Terms") apply when you, as a consumer ("You"), place an order via, or related pages, ("Website"). Agreement is concluded between you and Sagoro AB, organization number 559351-0125 ("Sagoro"). Detailed contact details and other information about Sagoro can be found on the website. The terms and conditions are only applicable to you who are consumers and who place orders via the Website. If you shop as a company, other purchase conditions apply, which you can find here.

1.2 To be able to order on the Website, you must be 18 years of age. According to Swedish law, Sagoro does not accept credit purchases for people under the age of 18. Sagoro reserves the right in individual cases to refuse or change your order (for example if you have provided incorrect personal data).

1.3 Sagoro reserves the right for final sales and any image and writing errors on the Website, for example errors in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices and price adjustments (such as changed prices from suppliers or currency changes) or incorrect information regarding whether an item is in stock. Sagoro has the right to correct any such errors and to change or update the information at any time. If an incorrect price has been entered for an item you have ordered, Sagoro will of course notify you of this and wait for your approval of the corrected price before Sagoro continues with the order. All image information on the Website must be viewed exclusively as illustrations. Such illustrations cannot guarantee the exact appearance of the item. Sagoro is not responsible for information on the Website that comes from a third party.


2.1 In order to make a purchase via the Website, you must accept the Terms and Conditions. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you undertake to follow the Terms and Conditions in their entirety, as well as agree that you have read the information about personal data and consented to the use of personal data and cookies in accordance with Sagoro's Privacy Policy, see here

2.2 A purchase agreement is only entered into when Sagoro has confirmed your order and you have received an order confirmation from Sagoro by e-mail. Sagoro invites you to save this order confirmation for any contact with Sagoro's customer service. You can cancel your order until it has been confirmed by Sagoro. If the order is cancelled, Sagoro will refund any payments that You or your payment or credit card companies have made regarding the order.

3.1 When you register your user account and/or place an order, you will be asked to provide certain personal data. You confirm that the information you fill in is correct and complete and are responsible for incorrectly filled information. Information about Sagoro's processing of personal data can be found in Sagoro's Privacy Policy, which can be read below.

3.2 You undertake to ensure that no one else can use your login details. Ensure that usernames and passwords are stored in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the information. Report immediately to Sagoro if it is suspected that unauthorized access to your data has been obtained. You are responsible for all purchases made with your login details if such notification has not been made.

3.3 If Sagoro suspects that you are abusing your user account or your login details or otherwise breaching the Terms and Conditions, Sagoro has the right to suspend you. Sagoro also has the right to assign you new login details.


4.1 When ordering via the Website, the prices stated on the Website apply. Prices are stated in Swedish kronor and include VAT. Prices do not include payment and shipping fees, which are listed separately.

4.2 You can pay in the ways specified on the Website. Read more about our payment methods on the homepage here. Sagoro has the right to charge already in connection with the order, unless invoice payment or another similar payment method has been chosen by you and approved by Sagoro. In case of invoice payment or partial payment, Sagoro or its partners may make a credit report. In such case, you will be informed about this. Sagoro reserves the right not to always offer all payment methods, or to change the payment method if the one you have chosen for some reason does not work at the time of the purchase. Please note that any restrictions on payment options are stated on the Home Page.


Sagoro may from time to time offer promotions on the Website that may have more favorable terms than what appears in these Terms, e.g. regarding payment or extended right of withdrawal. These more favorable conditions apply as long as the campaign is active and for the specific goods specified by Sagoro in connection with the campaign. Sagoro reserves the right to withdraw such promotions at any time. In the event of termination or cancellation of a campaign, these Terms apply without modification. Offers on specific items on the Website are valid for a limited time and while stocks last.


Gift cards sold at Sagoro are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue and can be used at Sagoro's webshop. Once the validity period has expired, the card cannot be used as a means of payment, cannot be reactivated and the remaining value cannot be refunded. Your gift card is a document of value that must be kept securely and cannot be exchanged for money. Lost or stolen cards are not replaced.

7.1 Goods that are in stock are normally delivered within the number of working days specified on the Website. Unless otherwise specifically agreed (e.g. in connection with the booking of goods that are not in stock), delivery takes place no later than 30 working days after Sagoro has confirmed the order in writing through the order confirmation. More information about Sagoro's delivery of goods and conditions for delivery can be found here

7.2 The expected delivery time of the product is shown in the order confirmation, in the checkout and/or on the current product page on the Website. Unless otherwise specifically agreed and a delivery takes more than 30 working days and this is not due to you as a customer, you have the right to cancel the purchase.

7.3 If packages are to be redeemed, you must do this within the time specified in the notification. Packages must normally be picked up in person with valid identification and order number. You always receive a notification that shows where and when packages are to be picked up. Notification can take place via e-mail, regular mail and, if you have provided a mobile number, also via phone calls or SMS. If you do not pick up the package, Sagoro has the right to charge you a fee of SEK 180. For home delivery, there needs to be a person available to receive the package.


Privacy Policy

In the event of a purchase, we handle your private information with us, our friends at Klarna and Stripe and our print suppliers.


We at Sagorokeeps your data after purchase to be able to follow up on your purchase, tell you about new nice posters and give a discount when there is something to celebrate. You can email us at any time to access the information we have, ask us to remove what we have registered or update incorrect information.Read more about that service here.

Klarnahelps us complete your payment quickly and smoothly, if you choose their service as a payment option. Their service has a number of different choices and the best is to look at their website to find out how data is handled.www.


Stripehelps us complete your payment quickly and smoothly, if you choose their service as a payment option. Their service has a number of different choices and the best is to look at their website to find out how data is handled.

​Springprint supplierhelp us create your magical poster and then make sure it ends up in your mailbox. Therefore, the print supplier needs to manage your name and address. When your poster leaves the printer and you have it in your hand, your data is deleted.

Registerutdra, dataportabilitet och rätten att bli glömd

Register extracts, data portability and the right to be forgotten

We take your rights to own your data very seriously. We can delete, extract records and port data according to our defined process. Email uskontakt@sagoro.sethen we will handle your case. State what you want for help and we will solve all questions and requests. Read our work in this area according to the privacy policy and considerations above.

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