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We have the planet on loan from our children and future generations, we believe. With that approach, we cannot avoid taking environmental and sustainability issues seriously. We offer products that inspire magical worlds, created from natural materials from our forests. Our responsibility thus becomes to leave nature as clean and beautiful as it was before we produced the inspiring poster for you.


We work together with modern suppliers who have a strong environmental mindset. We are proud to work globally and digitally but hire local actors for the final product. In this way, the delivery distance can be kept short without compromising on quality. We ensure that the entire printing process meets the requirements required to maintain abalance in nature. As a smaller player, we are careful in all our choices to have the smallest possible environmental impact.


The VI forest

Each post is a piece from a felled tree. For every tree cut down to produce our posters, we plant two new ones. We do this through the Vi forest, which plants trees to combat poverty in East Africa. The trees provide more fertile soil and bigger harvests, more food on the table and are good for the climate. We see it as a matter of course to support this important work. Read more about their work here:

We will support various initiatives in the future, follow us
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